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Roaches are one of the most common pest invaders of multi-unit family housing. They love hanging out in the wall voids between units, especially where water and gas lines run. You may also find them around the small appliances on the counter tops, and in the small cracks around the cabinets.

Here’s What We Do

We have been fighting the cockroach war since 1989. We have stayed up-to-date on the latest science about their behavior and biology, the best treatment methods, and the most effective use of pesticides.

Cockroach Services

We will apply a variety of treatment methods to kill them in 2 or 3 different ways. We apply a dust or aerosol to the wall voids where they like to spend most of their time. We use a gel bait in those small cracks around the cabinets and appliances. Sometimes we use a contact spray pesticide where we see high levels of activity. Since roaches are almost always found in kitchens, we make sure to take the highest level of precautions to protect your food and food preparation surfaces.

Follow up

Cockroach treatment usually needs multiple visits to ensure full population destruction. These guys can become resistant to some of the pesticides, and the baits can begin to repel them, so we need to mix it up a bit over a few months of treatment to make sure we wipe them all out.


There are a couple important things you can do to prevent Cockroach infestation. Inspect all your food products at the store before you purchase them, never buy furniture or appliances second-hand, Keep the kitchen as clean as possible. All the little crumbs and tiny grease spatters are what roaches love to feed on.


Cockroaches are like bed bugs; they can be brought into the home at any time. So we don’t officially warranty cockroach services, but we will work with you to solve your current issue as fast as possible.

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