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Here at Prompt Action Pest Control, we understand not wanting to use conventional, manufactured pesticides to solve your pest problems. There are many possible options that do not require using a manufactured pesticide. Some of these methods are less effective; and others are more expensive than conventional pesticides. We have the knowledge and experience to implement the best strategies for your home or business based on your level of concern, level of pest tolerance, and budget.

We can:

  1. Seal them out
  2. Modify habitat to make it less attractive
  3. Remove food and nesting sources
  4. Use live trapping and removal methods
  5. Use products that occur naturally in the environment, and are less risky to the environment as a whole. These products generally are not quite as effective as the manufactured products

If you need Green Pest Control for your home in Eau Claire, Wausau, or the surrounding areas, we can offer a solution that will get results.

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