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House Mouse, Deer Mouse, Meadow Vole, Norway rat. All of these guys are disgusting, and all of them can invade your home, farm, or business. One female mouse or rat can have 4-8 babies every 6 weeks. Then those babies have babies, and so on if they aren’t controlled. Mice and rats are also known to spread over 35 diseases to humans, according to the CDC. If you know or suspect you have a problem, we can solve it.

Here’s What we Do:

Every year we service over 1000 homes, farms, and businesses for mice and rats. We have an arsenal of weapons to use in battling mice and rats. No matter how unique your rodent problem may be, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to be able to solve it.


Obviously, if you see a mouse running around in your kitchen, basement, attic, or anywhere else in your house, you should get in touch with us right away so we can get to work solving the problem ASAP.

If you hear suspicious noises in the lower portions of you walls, or between the basement and main floor, it is most likely mice. Mice will also leave droppings in corners, under sinks, behind fridges, in attics and garages, etc. They can even store piles of nuts and seeds where you least expect them to.

Most of the time, we can positively ID mice, and the control measure needed, by the explanation you give over the phone. If you aren’t sure what the pest is, or if you have unique construction we may need to do an onsite inspection to determine the pest and the best method of control.

Rodent Control and Sealing

First, and most importantly, we seal the holes they are using and any other holes they could use. We use materials that discourage rodent s from chewing. Most of the time the holes are around the foundation/ground level of the house. It’s rare, but with some construction styles, we can’t be certain we can completely seal the house.

Second, we kill off the population that is currently inside. We use any combination of baits and traps to get this done quickly.


We usually need to check progress monthly for a little while to make sure we are getting the control you expect. We check activity levels in all the active places inside, as well as look for new areas of activity, and adjust methods if necessary. We also look around the exterior for new holes mice could have made.


Once we have the current population controlled, we can switch to a maintenance program to make sure mice don’t re-infest your home, farm, or business.


Unfortunately, since mice and rats really like to chew, we cannot guarantee they will not chew new holes and gain entry again. However, we are confident we can get the control you expect. If, for any reason, you feel you should be getting better control, we will work with you to make sure that happens.

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