We Can Help You with All Types of Pests

Insects & Spiders

Whether your house is bothered by ants, flies, spiders, stinging insects or other irritating pests, we can help. There are many options for treating your home to prevent and eliminate insects.


We have more than 20 years of experience in ridding homes of bats. We use an ecologically sound method, know as "exclusion", which allows the bats to leave but not get back in. We also inspect your home for openings, and seal any that would possibly allow the bats to re-enter.

Carpenter Ants

Unlike most ants, carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to your property. We can eliminate your problem by eliminating the nest with our intensive treatments.


Pest problems can come in many sizes and varieties. We can assist home owners with all varieties of pests including wildlife. We can help you with squirrels, raccoons, skunks, possums and other wildlife problem. We live trap most nuisance wildlife and remove them from your property ensuring they will not return.

Bed Bugs

You may have heard of bed bug infestations becoming a more frequent occurrence in our area. Bedbugs, and similar insects, are difficult to eliminate and will require intensive treatments to be completely eliminated.

Mice, Rats & Rodents

We offer a unique rodent proofing service that not only controls your existing rodent problem, but also stops most future problems. Beside baiting and trapping we also inspect your home for any entry point and seal them.


Don’t let mosquitoes discourage you from being outside during the summer season. We know what it takes to remove a mosquito from your property, and also the necessary preventive measures to take so they won't be back to ruin any more of your outdoor activities.


Mostly found in wooded or grassy areas, ticks can be a headache when they travel inside your home with you. Once inside they may be hard to find with the naked eye given their very small size. We have the tools and techniques, and will find and eradicate them.

Customer Review

I've been a customer of Prompt Action Pest Control for over 10 years and I've always been pleased with their service. We live near a forest conservation area and the field mice are plentiful. Jerry has always treated me as if I were his only customer, although I know that I am not. He's returned to work on problem areas, re-treat at no additional charge, and followed up to see if we have any new activity. Referring businesses, family and friends is easy when working with trustworthy, dependable and thorough business as Prompt Action
- Eau Claire, WI

Spot new pests coming around this season?

Each year some new pest comes around to affect home owners and business' in our area. We keep up to date with any anticipated problems, upcoming trends, and new treatment methods, for improved effectiveness.

Customer Review

We have been using Prompt Action Pest Control for more than 7 years and have been 100% satisfied with the results of the service. They have been dependable and have always had a solution for any pest control problem we have had at our facilities, which include a senior housing, adult day services, and a nursing home.
- Grace Lutheran Foundation

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