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5 Signs You Need Quality Commercial Pest Control in Eau Claire, WI


5 Signs You Need Quality Commercial Pest Control in Eau Claire, WI

Do you think your commercial space in Eau Claire, WI may have a pest problem? Are you unsure what to do about it? Professional pest control is the best way to ensure that these unwanted intruders are removed and kept away. Read on for 5 signs that indicate you need quality commercial pest control in Eau Claire, WI:

1. Unusual or strange odors: Strong, pungent smells often indicate a rodent infestation or other pests like cockroaches inside your business. If this smell is coming from walls or vents in your building, contact an exterminator as soon as possible.

2. Droppings: Seeing droppings in cupboards, near food sources, and around entry points to the building may be an indicator that you have a problem. Droppings can also tell you what type of pest is in your building and if it is more than one kind.

3. Unexplained noises: Hearing scratching, scurrying, or thumping off in the distance may indicate that pests are living in your walls or other parts of your business. The best way to find out for sure is to contact an exterminator who can identify the source and plan for removal.

4. Damaged materials: Pests like rats and mice are notorious for chewing through materials such as insulation, wood, wires, etc., so if you notice any damage around the building this should not be taken lightly and requires immediate attention from a professional exterminator.

5. Seeing pests: If you or one of your employees spot a critter, this is a surefire sign that your business needs commercial pest control in Eau Claire, WI. The sooner you call an exterminator, the sooner they can start working on removal and prevention for future infestations.

If any of the above signs are present in your commercial space, contact a professional exterminator as soon as possible to ensure the safe removal of pests from your building. With regular maintenance and preventative care like bed bug pest control spray in Eau Claire, WI, you can keep these unwanted intruders away and protect your business from further damage.

With several years of experience in the industry, we at Prompt Action Pest Control specialize in providing quality residential and commercial pest control services in the Eau Claire, WI area.

Contact us today at (877) 563-2035 for more information about our services or to know about mice pest control costs in Eau Claire, WI. We are here to help you keep your business free from pests!