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Signs Your Home Needs a Squirrel Exterminator ASAP


Signs Your Home Needs a Squirrel Exterminator ASAP

Squirrels may seem harmless, but when they invade your home, they can cause significant damage. Recognizing the signs of a squirrel infestation is crucial to addressing the issue promptly. This guide will outline key indicators that signal the need for a squirrel exterminator in Eau Claire, WI.

  1. Unusual Noises in the Attic:

Squirrels are agile climbers, and if you hear scratching, scampering, or gnawing sounds in your attic, it could indicate a squirrel infestation. They often nest in warm, secluded spaces like attics, making these noises a clear sign of their presence.

  1. Visible Nesting Materials:

Inspect your attic or other potential nesting areas for signs of nesting materials such as twigs, leaves, or shredded insulation. Squirrels create nests for breeding and shelter, and these materials strongly indicate that they have made themselves at home in your space.

  1. Chewed Electrical Wires:

Squirrels have an instinct to chew on objects, including electrical wires. If you notice chewed or gnawed wires in your attic or other areas, it poses a serious fire hazard. A professional exterminator can address the infestation and help prevent potential disasters.

  1. Damage to Roof and Siding:

Squirrels are persistent chewers and can cause structural damage to your home. Look for gnaw marks on the roof, siding, or wooden structures. If left unchecked, this damage can lead to costly repairs. A prompt response from an exterminator is essential to prevent further destruction.

  1. Strange Smells and Droppings:

Squirrel droppings emit a distinct odor, and their accumulation can result in unpleasant smells in your home. If you detect unusual odors or notice small, pellet-like droppings in concentrated areas, it’s a clear sign of a squirrel infestation that requires professional intervention.

Don’t ignore the signs of a pest infestation in your home. Swift action is crucial to preventing extensive damage and potential health hazards. If you’ve noticed any of these indicators, contact a reliable bed bug pest control near Eau Claire, WI.

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