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Box Elder Bug Pest Control Eau Claire WI

Boxelder Bugs

They are easily distinguished by their elongated red and black oval bodies reaching to almost half an inch long. The instar nymphs can sometimes appear to be completely red until they mature more. The amount you see at any given time can be concerning but there is very little concern of any harm to you or your home.
Often you will find these in your landscaping and along your foundation as the sun rises higher and begins to warm the day, they will climb the siding to warm their bodies up. This phenomenon happens mostly in the Fall and sometimes in the spring time as the cool nights turn to warm sunny days. This can cause quite the nuisance as the problem can be so bad you won’t even want to open your door.

What We Do

We can treat in a way that creates a protective barrier around your home and the key points of entry. By doing this we can reduce their activity, preventing them from ever getting into your home and becoming even more of a nuisance by harassing you even when you are inside.


Treatments can be applied on the outside as needed during the warmer months but most often one treatment in late Summer to early Fall will eliminate the problem until the next year. If inside your home we can treat key areas where they are entering the living quarters from the wall voids where they are hiding. This will offer some relief but the problem needs to be addressed during the times when they swarm the sides of your home.

Follow Up

Because we treat the exterior at key times no follow up services should be needed.


Keeping landscaping plants trimmed so that the landscape bedding can remain dry can help reduce the numbers you see but most often these guys are hiding in the bark of a Maple or Box Elder tree near your home and only appear when they need to warm their bodies up.


If we treat you should see a dramatic decrease of over 95% if not we will return at no extra charge to you and retreat as needed to insure that the problem is resolved.