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Flea Control Eau Claire WI

These little guys are almost always brought into the house on pets, but mice and other rodents can bring them in as well. They can live in carpet, furniture upholstery, seams of hard flooring, even concrete floors. Sometimes, a flea problem can be misdiagnosed as a bed bug or mosquito problem.

Here’s What We Do

Usually, the entire area of floor and furniture surfaces needs to be treated to get fast results.


If your veterinarian has diagnosed you pet with a fleas issue, we can usually rely on that as being accurate. We can usually very quickly determine if fleas are present. Once we know for sure, we can build a treatment program that will solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Effective control does require some work by the customer. Getting the pets treated for Fleas is crucial. Also making sure we have access to as much floor and uphostery surface area as possible will go a long way toward solving the problem. We can then come in and treat properly. Most of the time one treatment will solve the problem, if you follow the recommended post-treatment system.

Follow Up

Sometimes, in more severe infestations, one follow up is needed after a month.


The best prevention is to make sure your house is free of rodents and to make sure your pets are regularly treated for Fleas.


We do not currently offer a warranty for fleas at this time, but as new products and treatment methods come online in the near future, this may be an option.