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Fly Pest Control Eau Claire WI

Most homes deal with either the Common House Fly or Cluster Flies. The Common House fly is usually a year-round minor to moderate annoyance. Cluster Flies will swarm into your house in the Early to mid-fall, and can feel like something from a Stephen King thriller novel or movie.

Here’s What we Do

We use a mixture of different pesticides and treatment cycles to make sure we keep ahead of the flies ability to adapt to our processes. Your particular circumstance may simply require one annual treatment in the fall for Cluster Flies, or ongoing maintenance service for House Flies.


Depending on which fly you are dealing with, we have treatment methods that will control them very effectively. House Flies are notoriously hard to control because their short life cycle can build resistance to pesticides very quickly, but we know what works best. Cluster Flies can generally be controlled much more easily.

Follow Up

Depending on your particular Fly Species, we may need to follow up with monthly treatments throughout the warm season into late fall when they are the most active. Other species will require just one treatment.


We offer treatment methods can be used as preventative measures to keep Fly populations under control before they become a nuisance.


If you have all the recommended treatments performed, we warranty that you will be satisfied with the results. If you are not satisfied, we will re-treat at no additional charge.