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“Spider live in king’s palaces” They can be literally anywhere and everywhere. Fortunately, the poisonous ones are extremely rare in our area. Since 1989, we have not seen one instance of Brown Recluse spiders in our area, and Black widows can’t survive the cold. But the other 300 or so species are quite bothersome and creepy.

Here’s what we do

Most Spider issues can be treated with similar methods. The most important factor is treating where the spiders are. The pesticide used is a close second, because spiders can be notoriously hard to kill and control.


There are 3 very common types of spiders we see in homes and businesses in our area; Cellar spiders, Daddy Long-legs, and orb-weaver spiders. While we do see many of the other species, they can be controlled with the same methods as the big 3.

Spider Control

We treat every place the spiders are, or are likely to move to; mostly ceiling corners, basements, crawl spaces, and dark or unused rooms. We use a pesticide that has proven itself over many years to be extremely good at killing spiders quickly, and keeping them away.

Follow up

We usually like to treat at least every other month to maintain control of any spider populations. Most of the time we only need to treat from late spring to early fall, and pause treatment through the winter months.


The best prevention is to have a regular treatment program that covers spiders. This usually means treating specific areas of your structure every other month from late spring to early fall.


If you are on a regular treatment program that includes spiders, we can warranty that we will keep them under control. If spiders do start to invade or re-invade your property, we will retreat at no additional charge.

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