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Rat Pest Control Eau Claire WI

Norway rats are the only species of rats we see in our service area. They are mostly associated with very rural areas, as well as very old or untraveled parts of larger towns and cities- sewers, wooded areas, etc. They can contaminate animal feed, chew on wiring and framing in buildings, Tunnel through large portions of lawn next to buildings.

Here’s What we Do

We love getting rid of rats. They are a source of extreme stress and anxiety to home owners and farmers. Control requires a unique approach, and sometimes different tools and pesticides than we use mice.

Rat Control Services

Rats are either trapped in oversize mouse traps, or killed with a bait that they eat. We place traps and bait stations where the rats travel. We also seal any entry points that are able to be sealed. Sometimes, very old buildings are unsealable, but that’s pretty rare. On farms, we place bait stations around the exterior of buildings that have rats infesting. Bait stations are the best on the market for keeping non-target animals away from the bait – birds, dogs, etc.

Follow Up

If we are trapping the rats, we want to check weekly to get the dead rats out of there as fast as possible; just until we have them all trapped. After that, monthly or every other month service is recommended to keep the rats from re-infesting. Baiting programs require monthly or every other month service to check and refill bait stations.


The best prevention measure for rats is to remove all the clutter and brush near the building. They like the dark passageways underneath those things for traveling back and forth between nesting and feeding sites.


We warranty that if the recommended follow-up program is followed, your rat problem will be solved, and will stay solved. Any lapse in the program will likely allow rats to re-infest your property.