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Wood-Destroying Beetle Control

While we don’t see many termites in our area, we do have other Wood Destroying pests home-owners need to be aware of. These don’t do damage as fast as termites can, but need to be controlled and monitored because of the risk of Structural damage to the home.


Long-Horned Beetles, Powder-Post Beetles, and Carpenter Ants are the most common wood-destroying pests we see. Each one is relatively simple to identify onsite, or even from a high quality photo.


Carpenter Ants are the most simple to control. Treatment consists of an initial intensive treatment and 2-3 monthly follow ups. Most other wood-destroying pest require treating the entire surface area of all the exposed wood in the house; but is usually a one-time treatment that will remain effective indefinitely.

Follow Up

Carpenter Ant treatment will require monthly follow ups, usually for two to three months to ensure we kill the nest. Other treatments are designed to be one-time treatments.


Treating once every two years around the exterior perimeter of your home or business will keep Carpenter Ants form re-establishing a nest. One treatment of all unstained/uncoated wood surfaces will keep all other Wood-Destroying insects from infesting.


We warranty complete kill of the nest and all bugs in treated surfaces if the recommended follow ups have been completed. We also warranty that Carpenter Ants will not return for the remainder of the warm season in which we treated. For most other wood-destroying insects, we warranty that after one treatment, they will not re-infest. However, these pests can continue to emerge from the wood for up to 2-3 years after treatment, but they die shortly after emergence.