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Do you guarantee your work?

For bats we do have a 2 year guarantee unless the house is in bad condition. But it does not cover animal (squirrels) or storm damage. Also any remodelling, additions or any kind of construction may require a reinspection to continue the guarantee.

For mice, rats and most wildlife we cannot offer a guarantee as they are quite capable of opening new holes into your house.

For insects we may offer a guarantee. When there in a pest problem getting under control can take anywhere form a few weeks to a few months. But once it is under control, and if you continue to have us do regular maintenance follow-ups, if a problem does arise we will return at no charge to retreat, if necessary.

How safe are the pesticides you use?

For the most part, the pest control industry steers clear of using the term "safe". The reason is, that if you drink the concentrated pesticide it may cause severe harm. If there is any "safety" to be had it comes first, in the small amount of pesticide needed in a typical application and second, in being properly trained on how and where to applying the pesticide. For example if you have spiders, in a typical size house, we may use as little as .1 ounces of concentrate to treat the inside of your house. To spray it we must diluted in about 1/8 of a gallon of water and then we only apply it were the spiders are residing and where they travel. This usually means that, without going out of your way, you may not come in contact with the pesticide.

Now there is wide variety of pesticides, for a wide variety of pest problems, and each one has differing levels of caution to be taken. If there is any increased risk with a particular pesticide we will ask you to leave the area or building we are applying it in and then have you stay away till any potential risk has subsided.

Do keep in mind that what you may have thought or heard about pesticides most likely does not apply to the advanced products in use today. Far to often unfounded fear tactics are being used to unnecessarily scare people about the dangers of pesticides. Keep in mind that pest control technicians are exposed a lot more pesticides than you as the average home owner will ever be exposed to, and you would be hard pressed to prove any ill effects on them.

Can I request that you use "organic" or natural pesticides?

We can but we strongly advise against it. The reason being that, first they are more expensive, second, they are less effective, and third they are often much more dangerous. That third point surprises most people, as how can something that is derived from natural sources be dangerous? But just think about the most dangerous substance you know of and most are naturally occurring. For example mustard gas made form mustard seeds just like that bottle of mustard in your fridge. Or how about mercury or lead, then we can step into arsenic and other naturally occurring poisons. So just because nature made it does not make it safer.